Ana Rita Grosso


Interesses Científicos

Our mission is to understand the (epi)genome biology and its impact on cancer and other diseases using computational multi-omics approaches. Such methods rely on the statistical analysis and integration of large scale data (high-throughput sequencing, microarrays, proteomics, high-throughput screening) and clinical/phenotypic data. Given the accumulation of this huge amount of biological information, handling and mining big data is becoming increasingly mandatory for major research. However, more than data processing and integration, the key challenge relies on extracting information and generating scientific knowledge. Therefore, we aim to achieve biomedical advances through novel ways of combining large multi-omics and phenotypic data. Hence, we integrate large-scale profiles at different levels: genome (information within the DNA sequence and mutations), epigenome (DNA methylation, histone modifications, nucleosome positioning and chromosome conformation), transcriptome (RNA expression and isoforms), proteomics (protein levels). Integration and visualization of such complex data sets is crucial for interpretation and decoding of the underlying biology associated to pathological conditions. Such approaches can depict molecular events to be further used as biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Publicações Representativas

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Computational Multi-Omics Lab