Pedro Viana Baptista

Professor Catedrático
(+351) 21 294 8530

Interesses Científicos

Nanomedicine & Nanotheranostics - nanotechnology based molecular diagnostics and gene therapy > gene expression > biosensors for mutation detection: microfluidics > (Gold and silver) nanoparticles for DNA/RNA detection and characterisation (mutations, gene expression) > Gold nanoparticles for cancer therapy - gene delivery; gene silencing > targeted delivery of drugs

Publicações Representativas

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Mílton Cordeiro, Ana Rita Otrelo-Cardoso, Dmitri I. Svergun, Peter V. Konarev, João C. Lima2, Teresa Santos-Silva and Pedro V. Baptista*. Light encoded DNA biosensor coupled to SAXS based structural interpretation. ACS Chem Bio. (2018) (IF=4.995) (accepted);

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