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O Yeast Genomics Lab encontra-se entre os autores do artigo "Genomic factors shape carbon and nitrogen metabolic niche breadth across Saccharomycotina yeasts" que apresenta uma visão inovadora sobre a fisiologia e ecologia dos fungos do subphylum Saccharomycotina.

"Editor’s summary
Some species are highly specialized in using particular resources or live in a narrow range of environmental conditions. By contrast, generalists have broad ecological niches. The factors underlying the wide variation in niche breadth across species are largely unknown. Opulente et al. investigated whether specialists have more efficient resource use than generalists or if environmental or genomic factors shape the evolution of niche breadth. Using genomes from over 1000 species of Saccharomycotina yeasts and data on their performance growing in 24 different environments, the authors found that genes related to metabolic pathways had the clearest relationship to niche breadth. There was little support for the “ jack of all trades, master of none ” tradeoff across the subphylum. —Bianca Lopez"